Esther Loopstra Illustration


Welcome! My name is Esther Loopstra, I am a full time artist, illustrator and designer who has a passion for learning about how creativity works. I am inspired by travel, nature, color, texture, and seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. At the core of what brings me joy is helping others find and express the creativity that resides inside of them.


Finding Your Creative Voice

Finding Your Creative Voice

Have you wanted to explore the arts but never felt you weren't creative enough? Have you tried doing artistic things but didn't have fun because you judged yourself the whole time? Do you struggle to find time to try any new artistic venture? In this course you can: • Experiment with various mediums and styles • Move past fear and into play through fun exercises that encourage your inner artist • Using your sketchbook as a guide, you will begin to see your own style emerge through observing what naturally draws you to creative flow • Watch your inner artist grow as you create from an intuitive place free from constraints • Gain confidence to keep a creative practice that will enrich your life • Get encouragement from others who are on their own journey and experience a warm and accepting community No art experience necessary! This course is a 6-week online class beginning March 9th and each week you will get new exercises that you can do that week or anytime that you'd like! Don't feel like you need to keep up, you can go at your own pace and make it work for you. We will also have an online meetup a few times throughout the course so you can ask questions or get more inspiration. I hope you will join us on this creative journey!